Dalton Highway, April 16th & 17th

These photos are the last of the ones Jack took from when the road was in bad condition.  It’s much improved now, to the point where Jack says there’s nothing to take photos of.  When the melt starts up there though, who knows what will happen.

2 comments on “Dalton Highway, April 16th & 17th

  1. Fenna Pel says:

    Hi Judy and Jack,

    First a big Thank you for your Blog. Coming from the Netherlands in Europe it is a nice window to your part of the world 🙂

    This flooding of the Sag river has me wondering how much water will be unlocked and let loose at the break-up of the ice. Hopefully most will be drained from underneath by then…
    Living in the Netherlands i still see the reminiscence in the landscape from floodings of long ago.
    Hope this flooding leaves no or little mark on Alaska!

    Wish you all the best 🙂


    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Fenna, thanks for your comments, that’s really neat that you being so far away can see what is going on here. Right now we’re seeing the effects of break up, which is increased water. It’s not too unusual for rivers to overflow at this time of year anyway, so it was pretty expected. You’re right to wonder, because the road is closed once again.

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