Donjek River Bridge, follow up

A few months after Jack helped haul bridge beams to the Donjek River Bridge in Canada, he went back to haul the beams from the staging area off the road onto the ice where they were constructing the bridge. (Best viewed if you click on the first one and scroll to the right.)  See captions for more info.

2 comments on “Donjek River Bridge, follow up

  1. edie says:

    I am compiling a story on the Donjek River Bridge as my father was stationed at Camp Takhini, Whitehorse with the Royal Canadian Engineers (1952-55) and was part of the crew who built the first bridge. I have some photographs and it’s quite astounding looking at the equipment used back then and the equipment being used on the new bridge. Would I be able to include some of Jack’s photos in my story giving him credit … his is also a GREAT story! Thank-you for your attention. Edith Walker-Mullen. My email:

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